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“The Audition”, an LAU (lebanese American University) student theater production, of original text by Kenneth Robbins, directed by Bob Hamandi and Karim Kassem. A Mono drama performed by Sara Boutine.

Synopsis Amy arrives at a small out-of-the-way theater in New York, expecting to audition for a new play. But no one is there. She is locked into the theatre accidentally.

The poster was inspired by the roles Amy take throughout this play, letting her imagination lead her and the audience on to various experiences.

For more details of  the event, follow it on facebook !!


TAKWEEN, Formation in Arabic, is a Contemporary Dance School, organized by Maqamat Dance Theater. It offers a 3-month full time intensive training under the supervision of international Choreographers and Artists. Read the rest of this entry »

Roger the Liverpudlian Publication

“The international society of typographic designers, ISTD, is a professional body run by and for typographers, graphic designers and educators. the Society has an international membership, and its aims are to establish and maintain standards of typography and to provide a forum for debate.”

The Society holds an “Annual Student Assessment Scheme”, for those who complete successfully become a member of the ISTD.

In Spring 08, my senior year at NDU, our class applied to the contest, and I chose the project “Once i lived in Capitals”, to present.

The project brief was to design a collect-able publication about the English Poet “Roger Mcgough”. Below are the strategy and publication presented. Read the rest of this entry »