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A Darker Perspective of Media Nowadays

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I’ve been experimenting the coloring of my sketches, and these are some trials. Feedback is appreciated.

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inspired by a true story as well !

I need 2 to Hamra Parking…and 2 to Bliss Parking…Focus on Picanto cars !!!

…so they have these signs in some of Beirut’s neighborhoods “7ay zou tabe3 tourathi” (Neighborhood with historical significance)… meaning that somebody amazingly cared for the legacy this neighborhood holds – architectural, inspirational, artistic, and being one of the few last places around Beirut relating to the old “Switzerland of the east” we all hear about.

At the same time you still find the expansion of the cement jungle surrounding this neighborhood, blocking its very last glimpses of the sun, choking it, and bringing it down to the ground, to have some franchise fast food restaurant to replace it …

I’m not against franchise fast food restaurants, I’m just against putting up the “7ayy zou tabe3 tourathi ” sign in a neighborhood having “Double dooper, super whooper, cheese burger, extra fries, large coke” for breakfast …

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