TAKWEEN, Formation in Arabic, is a Contemporary Dance School, organized by Maqamat Dance Theater. It offers a 3-month full time intensive training under the supervision of international Choreographers and Artists.

The bilingual booklet was designed on a 6 column grid, and wide margins for 2 basic reasons : The long text of the copy… and the fact that it is bilingual, a flexible grid serves better in portraying the english and arabic texts in a unified, homogenous layout.

The fact that the booklet documents a Contemporary Dance School, and the audience it targets, is of such artistic background, there was no color usage on the inside pages. Photos and Type were treated with shades of Grey, which served well in giving the booklet an artistic feel.

In some paragraphs, the Bold version of the English Font (Helvetica Neue) was used in the text… which is unadvised usually. But in this case, the high contrast with the black background (90% black) brought out the white text, causing no legibility problems.